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Prerequisites Complete Stage 14 Crafted S.S. Huntington II Required Rank Legendary New Mice Preparation Visit the Trapsmith and purchase the Net Cannon and Aqua Base (costs 788900 gold). If you wonder why not choose the Harpoon Gun, and that's because Net Cannon has a higher luck. As we are looking for loots
24 May 2012 1.1 Crafting the S.S. Huntington III Map Piece. 1.1.1 Simplified Formula; 1.1.2 Unchristened Ship Formulas. 2 S.S. Huntington III Mice. 2.1 Cheese Preference and Loot; 2.2 Mice with Special Requirements. 3 Hunting Strategy. 3.1 Adventure Book; 3.2 Library Assignments; 3.3 Tournaments; 3.4 Treasure
SS Huntington. This is the great debate, and other Mouse Hunt guides will say you MUST buy a hydro weapon here. Well my friends, you probably Ship are down on your gold, and if you're like me at this point, you are so sick of every location on the mainland, you just HAVE to hunt on the boat. My advice? Don't worry about
31 Oct 2011 The S.S. Huntington II. Here in the S.S Huntington, the breeds are all Hydro types, which means that Hydro traps work well against them. For the bait, you'd better stock up on Brie, try stocking up in Gnawnia before travelling here. Here in the S.S. Huntington, Bries costs 400 gold per piece! For the traps
Spheniscine's Mousehunt Walkthrough. Craft the Ship, a.k.a. the S.S. Huntington III, using this recipe: 1 Ship Blueprints; 100 Rope (available at the Great Gnarled Tree They're pretty close, but the Net Cannon is recommended, as loot drops are very important here and in the next locations. Regardless, there is an easy
10 Jun 2009 S.S. Huntington II: 2 Leviathan, 8 Pinchy, 8 Dwarf, 5 Salt Water Snapper, 7 Briegull, 7 Buccaneer, 4 Siren, 1 Captain, 1 Mermaid, 7 Shipwrecked, 2 Pirate. Total catches: 52. Average weight: 4 oz. Gold and Points: 55,194 gold gained, 2,662 gold lost. 105,648 points gained, 4,159 points lost. 52,532 net gold
S.S Huntington III. Let's Set Sail! Are you ready to hit the islands? Not so fast though, we're going to need a ship to do that! "Where could we possibly find a ship?" We're building one, of course! Time to do some shopping and spend all that hard earned gold! Okay, here's a list of the items we are going to buy: 100 Rope; 70
When you get the the S.S Huntington II, the first thing you need to do is buy a new trap. You again have 2 choices: It doesn't matter which trap you pick this times, as they are both equal at catching mice. You should also look at buying an Aqua base, although if you can't afford it you can use your Dehydration Base and buy
Quick Simple Recap: What Was Done You got the Ship Blueprints, either from the Hydra or the Catacombs General Store You have gold. You need a lot of it. You have the Drillbot and Ambush The S.S. Huntington II A fine vessel isn't it? Well, you may noticed out from the Harbour area, there is
18 Apr 2012 Craft the Ship, a.k.a. the S.S. Huntington II, using this recipe: Once you have crafted the Ship, a new location opens, the S.S. Huntington II. Time to sail off to the great They're pretty close, but the Net Cannon is recommended, as loot drops are very important here and in the next locations. Regardless