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6 Apr 2017 You may have noticed that your automatic or automated manual (DSG) transmission has an 'S' on the gearshift indicator or a Sport button near it. This is Sport mode The problem with an intelligent-shift program automatic without Sport mode is that it is only so clever; it is a reactive system. It only learns
I personally don't, but I have a manual mode if I want to do-it-myself. My Mercedes C220CDI AMG Coupe has a 7-speed automatic gearbox with Economy, Sport and Manual modes. Most of the time it stays in E as this exploits the very torquey nature of the turb0-diesel engine. It's also plenty quick enough in E to see off most
If you're a driver type, sport mode is great! It changes the shift points and makes the car more responsive and fun to drive. In traffic, since sport mode often holds a lower gear, it gives you better engine braking and therefore reduces wear on your brakes, provided you know how to use it. I like manual transmissions more, but
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If I do move the shifter over into the manual area I can't get the transmission to change gears manually and the rpm's will almost redline before shifting automatically. However, if I drop the shifter into the Sport mode the monitor changes back into PRNDS*. (* being whatever gear the vehicle is in when
This sport mode however, is still fully automatic. Manual mode means you have relative control of when it shifts gears. Feel like starting off in 2nd? no problem. Want to hold 3rd gear thru a sweeper? Sure thing. However, I say "relative control" because it still upshifts prematurely in 1st (and maybe 2nd) gear,
19 May 2013
On some cars, the 'sport mode' selector will change the throttle response curve so that the same accelerator pedal input will result in greater throttle input. This may also increase the firmness of the suspension on cars with electronically controlled suspensions and change the behavior of any traction control systems (either
335i - Auto transmission won't engage sport mode. If you use sport or manual mode alot some wires get bent and finally snap. . Damn, that some major headache if so many people are having the same problems using their shifts, so if you use the Manual/Sport mode you'll damage it, leave it alone and
13 May 2014 First, it's good to define what sport mode does on most cars. Typically it adjusts a variety of engine, transmission and even suspension settings. "Sport mode" often tightens up the steering, sharpens the throttle response, and raises the shift points or holds gears for longer on automatic transmissions.